The leading Belgian Fine Art photographer Frank De Mulder is a celebrated personality within the international photo scene. He has worked for large advertising campaigns and well-known magazines, including Playboy, FHM, GQ, Maxim and Elle. 

De Mulder’s most intriguing work, however, are the intimate impressions of female emotions and beauty. De Mulder released 4 books with the renowned publishing group teNeues: SENSES (2007), PURE (2010), GLORIOUS (2013) and HEAVEN (2015).

The images are never provocative, but they tend to balance on the edge of what is forbidden. That balance is what makes the photographs so powerful and interesting. De Mulder shows us the delicate sensual world of women—from fragile and emotional to flamboyant and erotic—always at the highest level of beauty.

Frank De Mulder was born 22 August 1963 in Ghent, Belgium. Already as a young boy he was fascinated by image, light and beauty. He got his first camera from his father at the age of 12. At 17 he started to copy the pictures of David Hamilton, invested all his pocket money in photo equipment and learned by books the world of light and photography. He studied film direction at RITS in Brussels and continued his studies in Ghent at the Royal Art Academy, where he graduated cum laude. Frank did his army service in the cinematography division where he made several “war movies” for military trainings.

He started his career as cameraman and director of photography in several short movies and commercials. At the age of 29 he decided photography was his real passion. Since then, he worked his way up to become a worldwide celebrated photographer, represented by teNeues Publishers. At his side there is always Michèle van Damme, his associate. “It takes two to tango”. Michèle is responsible for art direction and digital postproduction. Together they built in total 3 studios, the third one in Merelbeke near Ghent.


Sometimes people ask me what I’m going to do “later” when I stop taking photos. Later? Oh…take photos, I reply. Because, of course, I’m never going to stop. I’d go mad without it. Not being able to see or experience all that beauty anymore? Never.

I get so many applications from people wanting to become my assistant. “I could carry your cases, hold up the lamps...” they say, all hoping to get a sneaky glance of the set. So I laugh politely, thinking to myself that they don’t have the faintest idea what they’re talking about. Taking one beautiful photo, just one, is hard work. There are no such things as “happy coincidences” — they are more like gifts from God. But at the end of a day’s work, if I can think to myself, “there were a couple of good ones in there,” then I can fall asleep feeling great.

The chemistry between a model and a photographer is, and always will be, a kind of magic. It always makes me so happy to see a model who shares the commitment to creating a work of art, giving her all and placing her trust fully in the hands of the photographer. Then, and only then, can true quality be reached.

I often think to myself, “Oh boy, she’s turned out so beautiful! And all thanks to two anonymous parents who, one day, brought this creature into this world.” Bright white pearls or dark satin beauties, with cats’ eyes, strawberry lips, seemingly endless legs, and curves which would even make a Porsche look lackluster...

And people think I’d give this up?

The greatest compliment I’ve ever received came from a model who, for months, had hidden from her parents the fact that she had posed naked for photographs— incidentally, you will find her picture in this book. One day I got a message on my phone: “I’ve finally told my mum. She absolutely adores your photos.” That feeling of having brought a mother to the point where she can find it beautiful that her daughter is proud of her body, wanting to show it off, is indescribable.

All of the women in this book are worth looking at. And no, I am not going to claim that each photo is as good as the next. But we have carefully picked them out and put them together, piece by piece, with love.

And me? I’m still reveling in the dreams of my youth. And all the attention I get from my public.

Many thanks, Frank De Mulder

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